The Top 5 Issues to Look for During Rental Property Inspections

The Top 5 Issues to Look for During Rental Property Inspections

Rental apartments demand frequent attention to ensure they're clean and safe for tenants. As long as you give tenants a notice of at least 24 hours, there's no limit to how often you can inspect your rental property in Tulsa, OK.

The constant turnover of tenants puts stress on the building and its appliances. This increases the need for diligent rental property inspections.

Keeping up with regular examinations can lead to timely problem identification, preventing expensive repairs in the future. To keep your property in great condition, look at these five key areas during your inspections.

1. Structural Problems

Rental property inspections must always include a thorough review of the building's foundation and structural integrity. Beware of cracks in walls, ceilings, or floors that indicate possible foundational issues. Pay attention to sticking doors or windows, as they may also be signs of structural shifting.

2. Leaking Plumbing Systems

Spotting and fixing leaks early will save you from unnecessary costs and property damage. Check all faucets, toilets, showers, and pipes for any possible leakage.

Protecting your property from water damage requires an eye for mold, stains, and warped materials. They signal water damage. Additionally, check if there are any musty odors - another common sign of a water issue.

3. Electrical Systems

To get your property rent-ready, confirm that all outlets are working. Examine the light fixtures to see if they light up correctly when switched on. Always consider any signs of electrical faults such as flickering lights, blown fuses, or discolored wall outlets.

Not all problems are visible. Some outlets can look fine but still fail to function correctly, posing possible hazards. During your property inspection, test each outlet with a simple electrical tester to ensure they're operational and safe to use.

4. Pest Infestation

Pests like roaches, termites, and rodents can significantly depreciate your property's value and drive away potential tenants. One of the most common bugs in Oklahoma is the subterranean termite.

Subterranean termites are particularly feared because they're difficult to detect and can wreak havoc on wooden structures. Oklahoma's humid climate creates an ideal environment for these pests to thrive and multiply. The primary focus of regular property inspections is to help spot and address such issues before significant damage occurs.

5. HVAC System

The HVAC system is responsible for your tenant's comfort throughout the year. In the hot Oklahoman summers, an efficient air conditioning system is essential. During chillier months, a reliable heating system will keep your tenants warm.

While inspecting the HVAC system, be attentive to any unusual noises during its operation. Such sounds can serve as early warning signs.

Additionally, be mindful of any strange odors emanating from the system as it runs. These aromas could point towards several problems, such as mold, a burnt-out part, or a potential gas leak.

Professional Rental Property Inspections in Tulsa, OK

Rental property inspections are essential for detecting structural problems, pest infestations, and HVAC system faults. These checks help maintain the structural integrity of your property and the comfort of your tenants.

PMI Green Country is your go-to for thorough rental property inspections in Tulsa, OK. We offer 24/7 maintenance support to all our clients. Contact us today to safeguard your real estate investments and ensure tenant satisfaction.